DailySOS is an ongoing practice and supportive community that shows you how to stay mentally and spiritually fit so you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be. DailySOS follows the unique Spiritual Operating System (“SOS”), a powerful framework rooted in three timeless spiritual principles: Vision, Flow, and Surrender.
DailySOS is designed to help founders, leaders, and innovators put an end to the imbalance and stress that entrepreneurs and creatives face while struggling to grow their creative pursuits. It’s designed for people who’ve tried books, coaching, lifestyle changes, therapy etc and still haven’t been able to achieve growth AND happiness in their personal and professional lives, with joy and ease.
Think CrossFIT or yoga but for your mind and spirit. We all know we need regular exercise practices to stay physically fit (even if we don’t always do them). But as a culture we tend to overlook the ancient truth that we also need regular practices to stay mentally and spiritually fit.

DailySOS Free is self-guided and includes:

  • Community board
  • Meditation library
  • Planner and template library
  • Lesson and Daily huddle replays


DailySOS Premium is a guided experience and includes:

  • All above, plus
  • Live 30 Min Daily Huddles (11am ET M-F)
  • Live daily Q&A “after party” with Troy and SOS community
  • Cost: $49/month

If you want to give Premium a try, you can sign up for the 7-day trial and get your feet wet.

• Enhance your focus and develop the discipline needed to stay committed to your goals.

• Shift your mindset towards success, empowering you to break through personal barriers.

• Crystallize your objectives and develop a concrete, inspiring vision, setting a clear course for your journey.

• Learn practical tools for managing stress, breaking down your goals into manageable steps, and fostering a balanced, sustainable approach to success.

Practice and community. Your practice will help you keep you motivated, and our community will help keep you practicing. Everyone at DailySOS brings something unique to the table, but what keeps me inspired is that each person shares their uniqueness in a positive way that keeps us all going.

The Spiritual Operating System

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